Proposal Review

Proposal Center

Proposal Center - Review

From your Proposal Center you will be able to collect, view, and respond to proposals created and presented by your insurance broker.

  • See which types of plans have proposals
  • Confirm proposals that already have final selections
  • View documents tied to proposals such as plan benefit summaries or rate sheets
  • Receive an email notification when proposal is ready for review

Proposal Center - Plan Selection

Your company's current plans, the renewal rates for the current plans, and any alternate options available from your broker are all presented in the proposal. You can choose next year's plans for your company.

  • View a list of proposed options per plan type
  • Review renewing and alternate plan rate comparisons
  • Include monthly & annual cost summaries and change percentages
  • Includes plan benefit comparisons
  • Notify broker of final selection
Select Plans in Proposal Center