IRS 1094/1095

ACA IRS Reporting Requirements

IRS 1094/1095

Monthly Updating

Import employee status and election information monthly and avoid end-of-year "catch up."

Export from Enrollment

You choose to either export data from enrollment or manually complete the data file to prepare for monthly reporting.

Code Generation

The system generates codes based on employee data to complete monthly reporting requirements.


Save populated IRS 1094 and 1095 forms for delivery to the IRS and copies for delivery to employees.

Guided Reporting Requirements

Guided Set-Up

The system will guide you through the setup process to determine what data and forms are required based on your business.

Based on your answer to the setup questionnaire, the system will determine which forms you need to submit to meet your reporting requirements.

  • Forms based on group reporting requirements
  • Generate data from saved employee elections
  • Or import from third party data
  • Populate 1094 & 1095 forms
  • Include covered individuals for self insured groups
  • Optional electronic consent and employee distribution
Completed 1095

Generated 1095-C Form