Better Communications

Tools for Better Communications

Live Chat

Get immediate answers to your benefit questions with live chat and you don't even have to pick up your phone. Access service representatives from your broker's office for a convenient communication option.


Safe and secure options for sending your broker updates, receiving proposals for renewals, asking claims questions, or submitting confidential documentation.

History at Your Fingertips

View current, historical, and pending policy information any time. Run election reports for employee enrollment history. And the secure communication with the broker's office are archived for reference later.

When and Where You Want It

With access via computer, tablet, and smart phones, keep on top of any questions or responses no matter where your work takes you.

Secure Online Communication

Secure Communication

  • Read-and-submit access any time
  • Track progress on service issues
  • Submit confidential documents securely
  • Access completed requests via archives
  • View ongoing notes on open items
  • Update with follow up information as needed

Communicate Your Way

Different methods of communication work better depending on the circumstance, so your broker is there for you with modern options to help keep you in touch all year around.

  • Phone service for when you need to talk to someone with a difficult problem, or have a quick but immediate question.
  • Online Chat for those times when you have questions that may need a few minutes to investigate and you don't want to be tied to the phone.
  • Secure service tickets for submitting documents and requests for service or claims issues.
  • Information pushed by the broker's office to keep you informed.
Work on a laptop

Communicate Your Way