Better Communication
Better Communication

Secure bi-directional communication with your broker's office without the need for third party encrypted email. Submit claims issues, benefit updates, and important employee paperwork from anywhere.

Better Relationship
Better Relationship

Stay in touch with your broker's office year round for a stronger relationship. Also receive information from your broker's office on the latest regulations and compliance information.

Better HR Service

  • Content delivered by the broker's office
  • Secure document exchange
  • Enrollment Reporting
  • Live Chat

Why Are Gen4 Brokers So Awesome?

Customer Committment

Our brokers are on the lookout for new ways to improve your experience and simplify your day-to-day operations. Communicate the way that works for you - call, online chat, or secure message.

Modern Tools

A modern world requires modern tools to keep up with change. Not only has customer servicing gone digital, but more and more users are looking for online access to enrollment reporting, requesting service, and completion of IRS - ACA reporting requirements.

Year Round Relationship

Enrollment questions and changes don't only come up once a year at open enrollment, so your broker needs to be available year round. Access to the tools and communication options don't stop when enrollment is done.

Long Term Partner

Your broker becomes your long term partner in benefits management and keeping up with changes in regulations as they occur. Service history is retained for reference and reporting.